Cloud based management & micro payments platform

Robust & Reliable payment boxes

Easy automated kiosk payments

Fast & Safe mobile payments

Prognoses claim that in three years there will be 2.6 billion connected smartphones. People all over the world use their mobile phone for all sorts of interaction. They connect with friends, search for information & locations and expect to be able to buy and pay for goods anywhere, anytime. With the Internet of Things more and more stand-alone devices are connected worldwide.

One important challenge is how to service mobile customers that want to pay via their smartphone at unattended automated kiosks like in (semi-)public spaces.

How to connect these two worlds? With SKUARIO you can!

The SKUARIO Mobile app enables users to pay for self-service products sold at automated kiosks like vending machines, multi-functional printers, laundry machines, coffee machines, lockers etc.

The SKUARIO cloud based management platform gives merchants the ability to manage & optimize the deployment of automated kiosks via an easy-to-use dashboard.

The SKUARIO Mobile app makes payments EASY, SAFE & FAST.

Just download the app, connect your payment method and pay at the kiosk by scanning the QR-code with the SKUARIO Mobile app. Easy as that.


  • What is SKUARIO?

    SKUARIO is a secure mobile app for easy ordering & cashless mobile payments of small value transactions.

    With SKUARIO you are able to pay with your mobile phone at unattended kiosks all over the world.

    SKUARIO is the leading order & payment solution of choice for many global brands in the unattended kiosk market.

  • How can I use SKUARIO?

    SKUARIO is easy, simple & fast.

    Just download the app, register your account, connect your preferred payment method and pay as you go.

  • Where can I use SKUARIO?

    Everywhere you use coins & cash to pay at unattended kiosks you can use SKUARIO instead.

    You can use SKUARIO to order & pay at print/scan/copy machines, vending machines, coffee machines, lockers, photo boots, kiddy rides and more.

    SKUARIO is the leading order & mobile payment solution of choice for many global brands in the unattended self-service machines market.

  • Is SKUARIO safe?

    SKUARIO is safe, simple and fast. You pay using your email address, password and PIN code. Just be sure not to share your logins or PIN code.

Cloud based management platform

The SKUARIO Manager enables merchants to register, manage and optimize all unattended automated kiosks via one single dashboard. The easy-to-use dashboard enables merchants to manage the machines, configure product listings and set pricing per single or multiple products.

SKUARIO Manager gives merchants a higher level of convenience by offering a clear insight on performance and a full suite of reporting abilities. This detailed information enables merchants to increase the success of their kiosks or will point out devices that need optimization at specific locations.

Financial clearing & settlements

As an officially Licensed Payment Institution Agent, SKUARIO will take care of all your payment challenges. This means you don’t have to be signing countless contracts with various (inter)national payment providers & banks. With SKUARIO you have one single contract partner that takes care of all financial clearing and settlements.

SKUARIO delivers detailed reports on all transactions at individual devices and makes sure all collected payments will be transferred every two weeks.

Micro payment platform

The SKUARIO Mobile app enables users to:

  • make low-value payments
  • view their transaction summary
  • check their balance
  • personalize their profile
  • link a membership RFID card (i.e. campus, company, transportation)
  • connect their preferred payment method using all international and local payment methods