Connect unattended self-service kiosks with on-the-go customers that want to pay via their mobile phone? With SKUARIO you can!

The total SKUARIO solution consists of 3 basics;

1. SKUARIO Manager; cloud based management & accounting platform

With SKUARIO Manager we empower merchants that need to manage multiple unattended self-service kiosks on various different locations via 1 single, online, interface. This cloud based management platform gives merchants the ability to remotely manage & optimize the deployment of unattended self-service machines via an easy-to-use dashboard.

2. SKUARIO Mobile; a mobile app connected to a cloud based micro payments platform

The SKUARIO mobile app enables customers all over the world to pay for products sold at these unattended self-service machines.

3. SKUARIO Hardware; cloud connected Pay Boxes for Coins, Cards & Mobile with additional mounting hardware & card readers.

Although we believe in a complete solution without the need for hardware, we have created a range of SKUARIO Pay Boxes to service customers that still want to pay using coins & cards. These Pay Boxes can be mounted on a SKUARIO Pillar. With our market leading RFID card reader you are able to easily link all sorts of multi type RFID cards (membership/prepaid) to your SKUARIO account.